Transition in Leadership

Mark Atteberry has been the Senior Minister of Poinciana Christian Church for 30 years. Recently, Mark announced he would be retiring from his role as Senior Minister in September of 2020.  At that time, it was also announced our Associate Minister, Mike Black, would be the next Senior Minister of PCC. We realize there might be questions concerning this transition in leadership and we hope to answer most of these questions here. We appreciate your prayers during this transition and are excited about what God is doing in our church.


The last 30 years have been a great ride! From our humble beginnings with about five dozen people to the hundreds we have today, it’s been amazing to see God work in and through PCC. 

I’m retiring because I feel like my mission at PCC is complete and the reigns of leadership need to be turned over to someone younger. I would probably keep going if I had any doubts about the person who might replace me, but I have no such doubts about Mike. I’ve worked with him for ten years and know beyond any doubt that he is ready. This is his time.

I plan to pursue my writing passion, something that I find difficult when working full time. I might do a little speaking as well. But mostly, I’ll be worshiping at PCC, helping out like every good church member should, and enjoying my family.

I am grateful for the many years I’ve been given to work with the wonderful people of Poinciana Christian Church. Very few pastors get to stay in one church so long and sink down such deep roots. It has been a privilege.


PCC has been my home church since 2007. I love this church and consider it a privilege to serve here. When I began attending here and volunteering, I never dreamed that I would be sitting here today positioned to become the next Senior Minister of PCC. 

The journey has been amazing, really. It has taken me from a church member, to an intern, to a part-time staff member, to a full-time staff member, and now to be the next Senior Minister. Most of the time, a person doesn't see this kind of growth in one church. I can look back and see how God has been preparing me all along through this journey for this exact moment.

I am excited for the future of PCC. I am confident God has huge things in store for this church. I am confident lives will continue to be changed through this ministry and we will make an even bigger impact in our community. 

I love this church and give all praise to God for allowing me to serve and lead this church into the future.


It has been a pleasure to work with Mark through the years. He’s made our jobs easier. Any idea brought up or decision made was always in the best interest of the church with the desire to make things better for us all.

He consistently brought his “A” game, especially on Sunday mornings when preaching. The sermons have always been positive, motivational and inspirational. Mike Black has some big shoes to fill.

Working and knowing Mike as longs as we have, we are confident he won’t “fill” Marks shoes…he’ll bring his own shoes. He’ll create his own, unique impact on this church that will enhance and further the foundations Mark has set.

We are so glad Mark and his family will continue to be part of our church family. Not just to see his smiling face, but so he can see God continue to do great things at PCC. To God be the Glory!


Why is Mark retiring?

When his retirement date arrives, Mark will have been in vocational ministry as a preacher for 47 years, the last 31 of those at PCC. Mark’s desire is to retire while his health is good and pursue other ministry-related interests, such as writing and speaking.

Will Mark continue to lead the church and preach during the transition?

Yes, but Mark's preaching responsibilities will decrease as Mike's increase. It has been the plan all along to gradually shift the preaching schedule over to Mike. Mark and Mike will be sharing the preaching responsibility by preaching every other month throughout this year. Mark is still the Senior Minister and is heavily involved with the overall direction of the church. Mark, Mike, and the elders are all working together to lead the church into the future.

Will Marilyn be retiring too?

Marilyn, Mark’s wife, has been our secretary/office manager since 1999, and is a valuable member of our team. Currently, it is her intention to continue in that role for at least a year beyond Mark’s retirement.

Will Mark and his family still be a part of the PCC family after he retires?

Yes. This church has been the Atteberrys’ spiritual home for over three decades. We are family, and families stick together. Mark will have no leadership role and will not be involved in any planning or decision-making, but he and Marilyn, as well as their daughter and grandkids, will continue to worship and serve the Lord with us.

What was the process for selecting Mike as the next Senior Minister?

PCC has had great success hiring from within. Everyone currently on our staff was a faithful, serving church member before being hired. When Mark informed us of his intention to retire, we knew we needed to look no further than our lead associate, Mike Black. Over the past ten years, Mike has more than proven himself capable of leading PCC after Mark retires.

What does this transition mean for the future of PCC?

Great things! The goal at PCC is always to grow and get better at what we do. Our priorities of preaching Christ and being a light in our community will not change.

Will anything be asked of the congregation during this transition?

Yes. Please pray for Mark, Mike, and the church family as this transition comes to completion. We ask that you support and encourage Mike in his new role here at PCC. We also ask that you remain positive throughout this process.

Who is overseeing this transition in leadership?

The elders, Mark, and Mike have been praying, studying, and strategizing for this transition since the fall of 2018. Nothing is being done haphazardly. Every step is being prayerfully and thoughtfully made.

Will there be new hires or other changes within the staff?

Yes. Eventually. This has been a matter of prayer and the topic of discussion throughout this whole process. We are still working through these decisions as we move forward. We are taking this opportunity to evaluate the church's needs and to determine what additional staff will be the most valuable to help us accomplish our mission and goals as we move forward. At this time, we are not moving or changing any of our current staff or their roles. However, some specific areas of ministry may be moved to the care of one or more current staff members.